Monday, February 25, 2013

When You're Hot, You're Hot

But when you're not, you're not.

Another less than stellar day at the box today but I was a little nervous when I saw today was a squat snatch strength day.  The snatch I have no problems with but the overhead squat is a different story.

I seem to lack some flexibility in my back and today was unable to reach the depth required for the squat.  I even struggled with the broomstick!  Today I kept my weight really low and in my rest time worked hard with the broomstick to focus on getting the technique right but I guess it is yet another thing I have to work on.  I refuse to let this stuff get me down as I know that eventually I will get there.

The positive from today is the little met con workout we did as a finisher which was a 10 minute partner AMRAP of wall balls and hollow rock.  One partner punches out as many wall balls while they can while the other partner holds the hollow rock position.

I worked on my technique with the wall balls and was happy that I picked up the pace.  My partner and I churned out over 150 wall balls in the 10 minutes which we were pretty stoked about ... not bad for a pair of over 40's women.

I wonder if half my problem the last couple of days is the fact that I signed up for the CrossFit Open.  After reading the rules I have noticed that scaling the workout is not an option and if the workouts are scaled the score can't be submitted.  There are so many moves that I have to scale (and I'm sure that I'm not the only one) ... I can't even do some of the basics for crying out loud!  Anyway, I can only try my best and will not sacrifice form to lift weights that are beyond my capabilities and look to improve over the next year.

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