Sunday, February 17, 2013

Today I Did Something Stupid

I decided to sign up for the Crossfit Games Open.  Our coach had invited everyone to sign up and after 'talking' to a few people on my FB groups I sort of thought why not!  There are several reasons for not doing it like not being able to jump higher than 8 inches, or tripping over the rope during double unders (hello ... I managed to bruise my knuckles in a failed double under attempt.  Who does that??)  But then I thought in the spirit of CrossFit it's about progress not perfection.

It took me awhile to 'own up' to my affiliate as I didn't want the elite athletes at my box to know that I signed up.  I fear that they will laugh at me for having the audacity.  I am nowhere near the "fittest on earth" so who am I to think I can mix it with the big guns?  This took me back to my bodybuilding time when I told noone at my gym that I was looking at competing for much the same reasons.  It worked against me as I missed out on some much needed support (and posing practice!) So I shared on Facebook and have linked my competition page to CrossFit Gladstone.  The thing is everyone at CFG is fantastic and are always helping me with my form or other hints to make me better and I seriously doubt they would think anything negative about someone like myself joining in.  What do I have to lose?

That said, it's time for me to work on some of many weaknesses!

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