Thursday, March 14, 2013


WOD 13.2

10 min AMRAP of:

5 Shoulder to overhead 34 kg
10 Deadlifts 34 kg
15 Box jumps 20"

I had a feeling there would be box jumps this week but I guess I knew they would have to come up at sometime.  My heart sunk when I saw this workout as my previous best for jerk was  32.5 kg.  Can I pull out a PB on my shoulder press for at least 5 reps?  Will adrenaline see me through so I can get at least 15 reps for this workout?  To explain the shoulder to overhead, the barbell starts on the ground and then cleaned to the shoulders, from there it needs to get to the overhead position whether it is by strict press, jerk or split jerk but the end possie is when the body is in one line.  The bar is then taken back to the shoulders to do the next rep.

As I said, my initial reaction was I was screwed and then someone pointed out that the movement standard for the box jumps allowed step ups!  I have some hope!!!  Now I have gone from gone from thinking I have no hope to getting nervous as I am going to try for a PB.  I have had a pretty crappy lead up this week and my confidence is down but I'm hoping by not training today I will be able to lift a bit better tomorrow than I have all week.  And, again, I will be stoked if I get a score of 30 as I will be getting a PB.  Fingers crossed!
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