Friday, March 15, 2013

I did it!

It may not have been pretty nor was it the best score BUT I did it!!!!  My final score was 67 which equates to 2 full rounds plus 5 more shoulder to overhead and 2 deadlifts.  If I add that up I did 15 reps at a personal best weight (+ a few more in warm up).  I find it amazing that I can go from doing a 1RM of 32.5 kg to 15 reps at 35 kg, I guess that adrenaline for you with a little dose of stubbornness.

As usual, I have taken away something from the workout for me to improve on.  I found it hard to get under the weight to use the momentum of the jerk to get the weight into the overhead position and ended up push pressing the weight up there.  This is something that I can continue to work on but I have gained so much confidence with my overhead work from doing this workout.

As I said, I'm amazed at what you can make your body do if you are determined enough.  As I was warming up, I pushed the reps out at the required weight.  I knew I was struggling with the jerk which meant in the workout it was likely that I would burn out my shoulders.  I spoke to both Jardan and Sean about a strategy.  All I need to do to stay in the Open was to do 1 rep at the required weight so I was happy to try for 1 total round and see how I go from there.  Sean suggested I set up another bar at a lower weight and when I felt fried I could scale mid-WOD.  It was nice to have a back up plan.  The thing was, as soon as I scaled my count was stopped so the more reps I could do at RX'd weight the better.  The 10 minutes went so fast and I had several no reps when I couldn't get the bar overhead but I'm proud of myself for persisting.  There was that little voice in my head that kept on telling me to go the scaled set up but the more stubborn part of me kept on digging my heels in and wouldn't allow myself to go down in weight.  It was such a great feeling to have a win against that little Negative Nelly voice.

Now to see what next week brings :-)

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