Friday, March 22, 2013

Another One Done

And so marks off another open workout.  I got to the gym this morning with the news that the weight should be 7 kg not the 6 kg that I had assumed it was going to be.  The weight is supposed to be 14 lbs which when converted to metric is 6.35 kg.  As with other workouts, we were going to have to round up.

I have only ever done 4 kg wall balls, and struggled a little with hitting the line at that weight, therefore I wasn't too happy with having to increase my weight by 3 kg.  I had a few warm up reps with the 7 kg and, boy, it was heavy!  This was when Sean said it had been passed for those using a metric system could use 6 kg but he suggested staying with the 7 kg.  After a bit of a chat with some girls who had just completed their workout, I decided to stick with the 7 kg as the ball is more of a basketball size and shape which they found easier to catch than our bigger 6 kg balls.  The saving grace was the female target was 9 ft not the usual 10 ft ... mind you, at 5'2" that lower target still seems so far away.

I had a goal of getting to at least 100 wall balls and hopefully break them up into sets of 10.  This plan went out the window in the first set ... it was bloody hard!  I had quite a few no reps where I didn't get the height which is pretty frustrating and I would hate to know how many times I actually got no-repped ... I think my score would have doubled!  We have to have an accredited judge to ensure we do the workouts to standard and it has been great to have someone there to count the reps as well as cheer me on.  I have been grateful each week for them talking me through each workout.

My final score was 57 wall balls.  As with the other weeks, I would have liked to have gotten a few more but, at the end of the day, it is what it is and I can take away the fact that I got another PB from doing the open workout.

I have to admit that the old comparison monster came out this week when I read people's scores on my FB groups and also the fact that I'm last on the leader board for the Gladstone crew but it's only a little flash of doubt that enters my mind and then I remind myself that just by doing this I have gotten personal bests each week.  I believe that it has been the best thing for me as it has given me confidence that I can take into each workout.  I have realised that I can do so much more than I think I can and that I have never really worked to failure.  During last week's workout I had several failed attempts at pushing the weight overhead.  Normally I would give in and go down in weight but last week I was trying again and again and I would eventually get that weight up because giving up was not an option.  I love that I'm learning that failing is not a bad thing, it just means I need to try again.

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