Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Good Things For This Week (so far)

I know it's only Tuesday but here we go:
  • Having a WOD where we can work on a movement of our choice.  I have a feeling Toes To Bar is going to come up in the next open WOD and therefore decided to work on them and, guess what, I got a few out!!!  I don't think I'm ready to do them in a real WOD yet (unless they are in the open this week or next week) but I'm stoked that my body has the strength to do them.
  • I got to play on the rings today with ring pull ups.  The rings are fuuuunnn!
  • Strength work this week so far has been sumo deadlift high pulls and snatch balances.  One move I rock at, the other I need to work on but I feel like my movement in the overhead squat has improved.  I kept the weight really low (a max on 15 kg) but the more I'm doing it the more natural it feels.
  • Missy T came walking with me yesterday and then put me through a ballet workout.  My glutes and calves are pretty sore today and she's wanting to do it again tomorrow.  We had loads of fun and I think she enjoyed being the teacher.  Now to get Moo involved too.
  • We have a short week this week and I'm on holidays next week.  Yeehaaaa!
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