Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 2 Rankings

And I'm Freeeee! Free falling!
Individual Women Worldwide: 39997th
Individual Women In Australia: 3121st
Women's masters 40-44 age group: 4020th
Women's masters 40-44 age group in Australia: 296th
Women's masters 40-44 age group for CrossFit Gladstone: 1st
Number of women in the 40-44 age group competing at CrossFit Gladstone: 1 LOL!

I'm getting a whole lot of amusement from checking out the leader board each week as well as telling people I have a world ranking.  For me, it's just a bit of fun.  As with most of my CrossFit workouts I am more pleased about getting through each workout than focusing on times and reps.  As long as I can leave each WOD knowing I did all I could then I'm happy.

Good things for today:
  • Getting several consecutive double-unders.
  • Attempting unassisted kipping pull ups in a WOD.  I still need to work on my kip as I tend to do strict pull ups with a kick but I will get better with practice.
  • Attempting knee to triceps ... I felt so close to getting these today, I just couldn't quite get there.  A work in progress.

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