Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Thank You

As I may have said before Mal bought me some PT sessions with Jardan, one of the coaches at CrossFit.  Today was my last session with her and as usual she didn't disappoint with yet another 'fun' workout planned.  What I have loved about training with her is that she knows my strengths and weaknesses and often incorporates them into the workout and because it is one-on-one there is nowhere for me to hide or slacken off.

With her help over the last couple of months I have built in confidence which has transferred over to my CrossFit workouts.  I am smashing PBs almost weekly and my technique has improved.  I have progressed from thinking that my only option was to do step ups as a scaling for box jumps to now jumping on a couple of 25 kg bumper plates.  Before Christmas I was terrified of jumping on a couple of 10 kg ones.  The best part is another girl who is also afraid of box jumps is now jumping onto plates as well (it's kind of cool that I started something there ;-)

Anyway, thanks Jardan for everything over the last couple of months ... it has been awesome :-)
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