Friday, April 12, 2013


Today I'm tired, grumpy and sore.  We had a nice little workout of:

For time:
Row, 750 m
then …
7 rounds of:
10 Dumbbell Push Press, 20kg (15kg)
10 Box Jump 24” (20”)
I know that I need to increase my height for my 'box' jumps by adding another plate to my current height as I'm just not working hard enough.  Unfortunately, as soon as I saw the height of the 3 plates I started to freak out a little.  I didn't even want to try to jump it in the warm up.  I had visions of being the person in the picture above.

I hate that I let my head get in the way of doing things.  My brain starts to go into 'what if' mode.  "What if this happens or what if that happens, what if, what if, what if ...."  I also know that when I did my couple of warm ups I skipped up onto the plates.  I know this is not the standard and immediately my head went into the whole "I'm not doing it right so it's best if I don't do it at all."

To be honest, I went into today's workout not in the best frame of mind.  I whinged when we had to do a warm up run and complained when we did double unders, push ups and squats as a further warm up session.  I didn't want to do the row and whined at the end when we did mobility ... I was being a Negative Nelly the whole session.  It isn't surprising then that I took the extra plate off and went back into my comfort zone.  I was disappointed with how I went today, I was reminded how my brain is my weakest muscle.  The best thing is that tomorrow is another day to strengthen not only my body but my mind.
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