Wednesday, April 10, 2013

One of Those Workouts

Today was one of 'those' workouts.  You know the one that you let out a little sob partway through because you hurt and you want to stop but you pick the bar up and try to keep going.  It looked like this:

CrossFit Games Regional WorkOut
For Time:
50 Back Squats 62.5kg/45kg
40 Pull Ups
30 Shoulder to OverHead 62.5kg/45kg
50 Front Squats 40kg / 30kg
40 Pull Ups
30 Shoulder to OverHead 40kg / 30kg
50 OverHead Squats 30kg / 20kg
40 Pull Ups
30 Shoulder to OverHead 30kg/20kg
It gave us a taste of what it feels like to do a Regional workout (if you get into the top (I think) 48 in the Open for your region you get to go to the Regionals and from there you can go to the Crossfit Games).  When I saw this workout, the first thing that went through my head was scaling, if I were to survive it in the 22 minute time cap I needed to go light.  I needed to swallow my ego and really scale back my pull ups and I was worried about the shoulder presses.
I wanted to use a 10 kg bar and start with 15 kg and descend down to 10 kg but, unfortunately, there was only 1 10 kg bar available and I offered it to another lady who had just started.  I then decided to do 17.5 kg for the first round and then 15 kg for the others and substitute OH squats for bodyweight squats.
I was unable to complete all the rounds in the 22 minutes and finished with 17 air squats (I got through the back squat and front squat rounds).  My hips and back didn't this one at all and I regret spending time chatting to one of the ladies instead of working my mobility more.  I had to break way too often in all the exercises and I know that I need to work on my muscle endurance.  I get frustrated at times with Crossfit because I know I have some strength there but it goes out the window in these workouts and I have to scale right back to beginner weights.  I mean, this week I did weighted pull ups but when it comes to a workout I have to use a band because I struggle to get the required reps out.  I also got cranky because I scaled and still didn't complete the workout.  You know what though, I don't mind getting cranky at myself after a workout because that means I know I can do better and the next time I'll work even harder to prove to myself that I can do it. 
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