Saturday, April 06, 2013

Operation Increase Calories

Last week we went to Agnes for a break and while I was there I decided to book in for a massage as I hurt my back a few weeks ago and haven't had time to get it seen too.  I wasn't expecting to get a lecture from the massage therapist with the advice that I'm not supporting my training with what I'm eating.  According to him, I need to eat more as my upper body is too lean and unable to gain the muscle needed to lift the weights I'm trying to lift.

Part of me wants to fob off what he said but I have decided to take his advice on board and increase my calories a little and see where that takes me with regard to my strength.  I think breakfast is where I'm lacking the most so it will be a matter of adding a little extra to my morning meal and maybe bulk out my afternoon snack as well.

I'm eager to see if I get any improvements in the coming months.
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