Monday, May 27, 2013

Fran Day

I nearly skipped today's workout when I saw it was Fran.  I had a girl's weekend and got back to town last night and am still tired from being constantly on the go.  I'm the sort of person that needs downtime where I spent the entire day in my jimmie jams and potter around the house but I dragged my butt to the gym knowing that I was going to be in for a horrible workout.

I tossed up what weight to use for this one.  I forgot to do my research to see what my scaling was the last time I did it but I felt like I did thrusters at 17.5 kg and perhaps used the purple band.  I think I changed my mind several times before settling on going back to 15 kg as I was struggling a bit in the warm ups.  I chose to progress instead in my pull ups and selected the orange band (and, boy, did I regret that decision!)  I finished the workout in just over 7 minutes (I think .... I'll have to check the times tonight) and the toughest part for me was the pull ups and typical post-Fran I was struggling to straighten my arms once I was done.

When I looked back at a post of my previous Fran experience I saw my time was 8:50 with a weight of 17.5 kg and the green band.  This time I did it faster with a lighter weight (only by 2.5 kg) and 2 bands progression on my pull ups.  I'm pretty happy with that as my pull ups is what slowed me down and I know if I continue to use the orange band the next time I'm encounter Fran I will have improved in that area so much more.
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