Wednesday, May 22, 2013

PT Sesh

I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing when your coach knows your weaknesses.  Today I had a PT session with Jardan and rowing was included.  Darn it!!  I only have myself to blame, I requested one of her met con specials and she didn't disappoint with a 3 round rowing, push jerk and front squat combo.

I was so close to reaching my goal of 500 m in under 2 minutes in the first round with only a couple of seconds off the pace ... next time!  I also have this mental barrier when it comes to these types of workouts ... I do 6 reps and then need a rest and will drop the bar.  It is always 6 reps in weight workouts and thinking about it later I realised when I do Cindy I get to 12 reps in my squats and break.  There is something about me and multiple of 6.  Bizarre.  My goal in the second round of today's workout was to get beyond 6 reps before I rested.  It intrigues me how my brain works when it comes to training and how it sets up these limits in my head.
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