Monday, May 06, 2013

Happy Days!

Who would have thought a measly 10 kg snatch and overhead squat would make someone happy, but it has.  While today wasn't totally pain free, overall I felt pretty good doing the squat.  I know I have a bit to work on as I tend to go on my toes at the bottom of the squat which may be due to lack of flexibility in my back and hips but I feel like I'm progressing slowly.  Again, our coaches attention to detail with regard to our lifts ensures that my form is on the money and even when they aren't there I can hear them in my head telling me to set my back or get more on my heels.  I often know when it isn't quite right and will try to correct my form before being told but, at the same time, it is great to have the coach watch our lifts and get their tips for making it even better.

The other part of today's workout was ring dips.  I enjoyed these even though I found them exhausting.  I love playing on the rings and one day (not in the near future) I hope to achieve the elusive muscle up.  In the meantime, I have plenty of other things to work on before I progress to something like that ... but a girl's gotta have dreams :-)
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