Saturday, May 04, 2013

Saturday Morning Fun

The girls had their first CrossFit session today and absolutely loved it.  I booked them in with Nick, one of the coaches, for a one-on-one session (I guess because there are 2 of them it should be two-on-one, shouldn't it?)  I was a little worried how Moo was going to go but I was so proud of how she didn't give up.

I had my workout first but because it was a long one today the girls had started before I had finished.  They worked on some technique before getting into the workout.  It was a simple workout of running, skipping, sit ups and lunges.  Neither of my girls are fans of running (much like their mother) so I went with them just to show them the turnaround point and talk them through it.  Moo had to walk a few times but she would always start back running after catching her breath and I am so proud of her for doing that.  Missy T was on a mission which surprised me a little because she's the kid who walks the 100 m sprint at the school sports carnival.  Both girls had a blast and are keen to go again next week.  I think once netball is done they will want to join the Kids Crossfit classes for the social aspect.

I know I really enjoyed spending my Saturday morning with them doing something that we can do together for years to come.

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