Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Movin' On Up

Today was a strength day of 5 x 5 hang power cleans and back squats.  I love strength days but this morning I just couldn't get into it and I thought my lifting was a little lacking today.  Power cleans are up there with one of my faves even though I'm not necessarily strong at them.  Today I reached 27.5 kg and then attempted 30 kg but could only get 3 reps out.  I was a little disappointed until I logged my workout and realised that it was a PB.  It's funny because I thought I have lifted more but I often get the hang power cleans mixed with normal cleans (where you start in the deadlift position) and squat cleans.  Obviously you can get more power and also get under the weight a bit easier in the latter movements and therefore lift more.

I didn't really push myself with the backsquat and I know I could have lifted a lot more.  Today I just went through the motions and was a little disappointed in myself for that.  There are times that I lift what my partner is lifting because I can't be bothered changing a heap of plates ... lazy of me, I know.

We then moved onto working on our goals and today I decided to work on my box jumps.  I added a plate to my normal 2 plates and discovered I could do it (after a couple of skippies).  I added a bigger plate and couldn't get 2 feet to jump at once.  I decided to try a different tack and dragged the plates as well as a 12" box to the pull up station.  I ditched the plates and tried jumping onto the box with one hand on the frame of the pull up station and, guess what, I CAN jump that high ... I just need the confidence to let go of the bar.  Under Nick's instruction, I tried letting go as I was jumping up and, yep, I could do that as well.  I couldn't quite get the confidence to let go just before I jumped but I feel like I made a big step (or should I say jump) in the right direction today.  I think I will try to do this a couple of times a week and I know I will be jumping on a box in no time.

Again, this is what I love about the coaches at my CF box ... it doesn't matter what my goals are I get support and guidance.  It may be something as simple as jumping on a 12" box but they don't make me feel like I'm lame, in fact, they are so patient and are equally as excited when people reach their goal.  I often feel as though people will laugh at me because I can't do certain things (cue school flashbacks when that used to happen) but that never happens at CF and because of that I know I will keep on trying until I achieve my goals.
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