Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Good Things For This Week

As I continue to cough up a lung with this cold/flu that I am trying to get over I thought it would be good to focus on some positives:

  • I feel really good when I'm training and it hasn't suffered.  I don't have coughing fits while at the gym.  Weird.
  • My pull ups felt great when doing the modified Cindy this week.  It's funny a couple of weeks ago I felt like I had taken a massive step back with pull ups and then, BAM, I am choosing harder options again.
  • I put another plate on my stack for my 'box jumps'.  It's the highest I've jumped without holding onto something.  I'm still a way off getting to box height but I'm making progress.
  • I improved my efficiency on my wall balls by being more fluid with the catch and squat.  I would tend to split the movement up into little bits with a pause in between and am working on improving in this area.
  • I RXd my workout yesterday.  That always makes me smile.
  • I got 12 double unders in a row on Saturday.  Now to work on keeping my elbows in as my arms drift out which, as Sean says, it will burn my shoulders out when I have to do lots.  Practice, practice, practice.
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