Thursday, June 06, 2013

Goals - How I'm Going

Due to illness I haven't had too many opportunities to work on my goals in the last week.  Our WOD today is to work on our goals and I have to decide what I'll work on tonight. Here is an update of how I'm going:
  • Box jumps - I'm still yet to jump onto the box without holding onto something.  We have overhead squats tonight so I'm not sure if I will work on these as my legs may be fatigued.
  • Pull ups - I got 3 unbroken kipping pull ups out last week.  Tonight's WOD includes 3 rounds of 15 pull ups ... maybe not the best time to try for 5 unassisted pull ups after finishing my workout.
  • Handstands - I haven't had the energy or the time to play with these but I would rather do them in the privacy of my home.
  • Double Unders - As I said the other day I have achieved this goal and have upped the ante to 15.
  • Rowing - I haven't rowed in a few weeks.  Maybe I should do this one tonight.

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