Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sucking Wind - Take 4

I wasn't sure whether to go to CrossFit or not today.  I had the last 3 days off due to this headcold and didn't know if I felt up to it yet and it didn't help when I saw the WOD was 'Sucking Wind'.  I have done this workout 3 times before and each time I have gotten progressively worse.  Granted I chose slightly harder options but not enough to account for the fact that it was taking me longer each attempt.  Being still slightly under the weather I wasn't expecting a great result plus I already knew what a suckfest the WOD actually is.  The WOD is:

For Time:
30 Burpees
40 Wall Balls 10kg/6kg
400m Run
50 Double Unders
500m Row

The exercises can be done in any order which is where strategy comes into play.  Do you do the things you find hard first and finish with the easier options or do you do the things you can smash and just chip away at your goats?  My strategy is to do the things that take it out of me first and then chip away at the rest.  My order was wall balls (4 kg), burpees, row, run and double unders.  I figure I suck at double unders even on a good day so it doesn't matter if I leave them until the end ... I can't get any worse!

I have been taking the girls on Saturday and because Moo was at a sleepover Missy T came along for her first individual WOD.  We scaled her workout to burps (burpee with no pushup), air squats, 100 skips and 250 m row.  The idea of Sucking Wind is to try and get it done in around 10 minutes with a cutoff of 15 minutes.  T's scaling was structured to get her around that time.

I was a bit worried when we did our 'warm up' of 100 plyo lunges and a 200 m run, I was struggling!  I'm often like that though but once I get into the workout my breathing settles, I used to find the same thing when I played touch footy, it always took me a few sets to get into the groove.

Missy T and I were put into the same wave therefore I couldn't cheer her on.  This was a tough workout and I hoped she would get through it okay plus I always worry about them on the run leg even though they have been taught to run on the footpath and not on the road.

She smashed the workout in 11:09 which meant her scaling was perfect for her.  I finished the workout in 13:44 which happens to be the exact same time as the first time I did it but with harder scaling this time.  It was 1:25 faster than the last time which I'm happy about considering I have the remnants of a cold plus I ducked outside during T's run leg to see how she was going so I could have been faster.  I think having those few days off as well as a preworkout feed of oats is just what I needed to help me through the sucky workout known as 'Sucking Wind'.
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