Monday, June 17, 2013

Yesterday I Climbed A Mountain

Our local ASN (Australian Sports Nutrition) shop held a fundraiser for the Royal Brisbane Children's Hospital on the weekend and my friend, Jo, and I decided to take part.  All we had to do was climb a mountain!  I'm a little embarrassed to admit that as a local I have never done this walk but I guess there was no time like the present.

Here is a little blurb from the Gladstone Council website:

Mt Larcom Trail
As the name suggests, the Mt Larcom trail scales the mountain, providing a challenging track but offering 360 degree views of the Gladstone area and harbour at the top. On a clear day the island reef is visible to the east and Rockhampton to the north. The trail winds through eucalypt forest and grass trees and is an ideal training track for bushwalking and hiking.

It was a gorgeous day with perfect weather for bushwalking with a max temperature in the low 20's.  Overall the walk/climb took us around 3 hours (including a bit of time at the top for a re-feed and photos).  I found it quite challenging but not from a fitness perspective but rather a fear of heights and walking on uneven, gravelly road; particularly on the decent (I ended up on my butt more than once).  I had to overcome those fears on our last little climb to the very top but I'm glad I fought those inner voices to get up there to see the magnificent view.  I was also relieved that several other people were in the same predicament as me.  One lady asked if she could go down with us as she was terrified and she knew we would take our time and if it meant sliding down on our butts we did that.

I was exhausted last night and am sporting blisters on both of my big toes but apart from that I have recovered quite well.  I thought, for sure, I would have sore legs today.

I know quite a few people who do this track fairly regularly but at this point I have no desire to do it again.  I feel like I ticked that off my bucket list with no need to revisit it.  Mind you, I have been saying that if I were to do it again I would be more confident in my abilities and perhaps not be as frightened (and maybe enjoy the actual walk a bit more).  I grow weary of having to battle my confidence issues ... at what point am I going to realise that I'm capable of more than I realise?

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