Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Goals Revisited

I thought it was time to revisit my goals again.  Some things I have been able to work on and achieve, other things have fallen to the wayside. 
  • Box jumps - still an issue but I haven't really worked on them.
  • Kipping pull ups - I have achieved 5 so I have upped it to 10
  • Handstands - I haven't had much time to practice at home
  • Double unders - I achieved 10 and then 20, now I want to get 25 (if my pelvic floor can hold out)
  • Rowing - I haven't even tried
  • Jump up to the pull up bar.
I have added in the jump up to the pull up bar.  It really frustrates me that I have to drag a box over to the bar to practice my pull ups ... and I think I'm the only one who has to do this.  This is directly related to my inability to box jump and I also think the reason why I struggle with kicking up into a handstand and other various things I have to do at the box.  I lack the explosive power that is required and need to work on it so on my goal sheet it goes!

Now the kids are back to school I'll be able to work on a goal on Thursday and Friday while they are at dancing.  I'll pick one a week and continue to chip away.
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