Friday, July 05, 2013


Today I did Grace for the 4th time.  Grace is 30 clean and jerks for time ... doesn't sound that hard, does it?  LOL!  As far as benchmark workouts go, this isn't too bad and I'm making sure I push myself a little harder each time I do it by increasing the weight by small increments.  With that in mind I increased my weight to 22.5 kg (RXd is 40 kg so I'm a little over halfway to doing it RXd).  Our goal is to get the workout done in under 5 minutes with a 10 minute cut off so, yet again, correct scaling is imperative.

My last attempt at 20 kg was done in 2:51.  Today's was 3:10.  I have increased the weight but my time has also increased.  I was watching my partner when she did her WOD and she seemed to take her time with her movement but did it unbroken whereas I tend to try and go as fast as I can but have to break it into smaller chunks and often have to take a moment or 2 to try and catch my breath.  It's actually interesting to watch how other people do it, it gives me ideas on how to attack it the next time it comes up.

I also got some great tips from Jardan with regard to my clean and jerk and this is what I love about my CrossFit Box; each coach gives me little tips to help me improve my lifting.  Some days it can feel like there's so much to think about but as I tweak my lifts I'm noticing that some things just become second nature.
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