Monday, July 15, 2013

I Did It!!

I had to get a photo of my new Nanos in there too :-)
Well, I decided to give the CF comp a crack and am so glad I did.  I had a great day and was so pleased that I made it into the top 10 beginners women!  I have made it to finals in touch footy and tennis (as part of a team) but never for something individual.  I'm sort of proud of myself right about now :-)

We had to do 2 WODs.  The first WOD was:

10 min AMRAP
9 Deadlifts (20kg)
12 Hand release push ups
15 Box jumps (16")
The deadlift weight was so light which meant it felt like a bit of a break.  I struggled to do only 9 as my body just wanted to keep cranking them out.  The push ups were tough.  Hand release push ups are as they say, you raise your hands off the ground when your chest touches.  As beginners we were allowed to lower as a full push up and go up on our knees.  The box jumps I did as step ups.  This was my kind of workout and I felt like I had pretty good rhythm, only stopping to shake out my push ups.  I think my final score was 235 which put me in 4th place!!!
The second WOD was:
10 min AMRAP
80 skips
20 Thrusters (15 kg)
10 Sit ups
I really struggled with this workout.  As much as I love thrusters they also fatigue me and I don't think I scored that well on this one.  I think I may have gotten 3 rounds out but I'm not sure.  Whatever it was it must have been not great as I dropped from 4th to 9th.
The top 10 then went into the finals.  The first part was a max push up hold (basically a plank).  I was fatigued and my abs were sore from Friday's workout ... I don't think I lasted a minute and had the 'speed wobbles' as soon as we started.  I was so disappointed in myself because I think I could have done so much better and I really wanted to get to the next level.  I admit there were a few tears.  The positive was I could grab something a bit more substantial to eat.
The top 7 then went into the next workout after a minute break.  The workout was:
DB Snatch (10 kg)
Plate burpees
I so wanted to do this workout ... I love dumbbell snatches.  The top 5 from here had a break while the beginner boys did their workout and then went onto:
600 m row
60 m Sled pulls (60 kg)
The top 3 then ran inside to do the final WOD:
30 Wall balls (4 kg)
20 Clean and jerks (15 kg)
10 Burpee bar touch
Burpee bar touch is when you do a burpee under the pull up bar and then jump up to touch the bar.
I was a little glad I didn't get further into the finals as the idea of doing the row and sled pulls really put me off.
Overall, it was a great day and the CFG crew should be proud of themselves for putting together a well run event.  It was fantastic to have the opportunity to be able to participate in a competition which was a goal of mine.  It was also great to be able to compete amongst friends and the atmosphere was amazing.  We all cheered each other on and I was a bit hoarse by the end of the day.  To have the opportunity to watch our athletes was truly inspirational.  I was also a bit chuffed when a lady who is looking at signing up because she watched me in my first WOD and I'm her inspiration ... how cool is that?  Sometimes I hate being pushed out of my comfort zone, but it's true ... that's where the magic happens :-)
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