Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Ramblings

We had a fairly low key week last week with a few strength days and time for mobility.  Friday was my favourite exercise: deadlifts.  It has been awhile since I have done a deadlift strength day and was determined to give it everything and ended up with a PB of 72.5kg!!  I was so excited as that was an improvement of 12.5kg!

I had some time to play around after the class and worked on my pull ups, my rowing and box jumps.  Sean had given us some hints with regard to our rowing technique and I'm keen to give it a go next time I have a spare moment.  I also made some headway with my box jumps.  I set the box up next to the pull up station and held on while I jumped onto the box.  After a couple of sets I found I was letting go of the bar as I jumped up which is some progress.  Logically I know that I'm clearing the top of the box quite easily but it's just that little glimmer of doubt of "what if" ... what if I get tired and I don't jump high enough and then hurt myself.  After last week, though, I feel as though I have made some headway and am feeling much more confident.

Today I wasn't feeling well as I went down to Bundy for my aunt's funeral on the weekend.  I had a weekend of eating foods that I don't normally have like cakes, biscuits and sandwiches and my body has reacted badly to it.  Needless to say my training this morning was lack lustre.  It always intrigues me that while I don't have any 'forbidden foods' and am enjoying a balance of everything I still suffer when that balance gets out of whack.  In saying that, I accepted that this was going to be the case and while my belly isn't friends with me today I know that there are times that these things happen and no longer get the guilt that can come with an overindulgent weekend.
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