Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More Pics

Here are some more pics from the comp ...

I was a bit worried when I saw a photographer at this event but, phew, I don't have a scary training face ;-)

I have really enjoyed the last few days of training.  My girls came along with me on Saturday and I was so incredibly proud of them.  The workout was a long, chipper WOD (one where you have to chip away at it until it's done) and both girls completed it well under the time cap.  I scaled the girls workout to suit them by shortening the run from 800m to 400m, bodyweight lunges, push ups instead of handstand push ups and Missy T did sit ups instead of toes to bar while Moo did knee raise.

Moo was a little bit slower than Missy T who had finished well in front of us so I hung around to do the final run with her.  It meant that my time was not that great but I loved finishing the WOD with my daughter.  Missy T took some joy in getting hi-5'd by one of the coaches when she was done and someone turned around in disbelief that she completed a tough workout like that.  They are both really taking to CrossFit and are always keen to hear what the Saturday WOD will be.  Moo is always hoping for kettlebell swings and Missy T loves it when box jumps come up.  I love seeing them so excited about exercise.
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