Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Opening My Big Mouth!

This was today's fun:

Three rounds for time of:
10 Push Press 55 kg (35 kg)
20 Hang Power Clean 55 kg (35 kg)
30 Deadlift 55 kg (35 kg)
(Courtesy of CrossFit Resolve)
In partners
400m Sprint (Relay Style)
400 Double Unders (combined total one person working at a time)
400m Sprint (Relay Style)
I chose a weight of 20 kg for this one.  I was worried about getting through the 20 hang cleans and while some of the girls around me did 25 kg I was glad I stuck with the weight I had originally chosen.  The workout caned my forearms and I was finding that it was more my grip strength that was suffering rather than any other muscle.  I got the first part of the workout done in just over 9 minutes.
We then set up for the finisher and as we were at the door waiting for the start, our coach said that one of the blokes was going to blitz us in the run and we had to try and keep pace with him.  I flippantly said that we would catch him and his partner in the double unders.  Why do I say these things?  Sean, our coach, then said that if my partner and I didn't catch up with them in the double unders there would be a penalty for BOTH of us.  I spent the next minute or so apologising to my partner.
My partner, H, was the ran first in our relay and she came back well after the other people ... things weren't looking good!  I tried running as fast as I could (which still isn't that fast) and when I got back we chipped away at the double unders.  Because we didn't want to be there all day we chose to do 200 double unders and decided to try and get 20 reps out each until we reached 200.  Luckily H is quite good at double unders ... thank goodness!  H went off for her second run just seconds before the guy we were trying to catch.  We caught them in the double unders!!  Granted, we did 200 and they did 400 but we didn't get a penalty by the skin of our teeth.  PHEW!
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