Tuesday, August 13, 2013

That Moment ...

... when you put more weight on the bar than what you thought.  Oopsie!

Today was a strength day.  First we had to do strict press.  I went into today's workout with a goal, my previous best was 30 kg and I wanted to beat that.  The rep scheme was 7 rounds of 3 and I calculated my weight so that I reached 32.5 kg on my last round.  Unfortunately I failed my 3 reps at this weight but I did get 1 rep out so, yay, a PB!

Second was 5 sets of 7 back squats.  My PB is 52.5 kg so again I back calculated so I hit 55 kg at the 5th round.  I set up my first set at what I thought was 40 kg and thought, boy, that feels really heavy today.  The next set I chucked on 1.25 kg each side and was disappointed with how hard it was and knew that I had to hold at that weight and then I double checked my weight.  I grabbed 2 x 15 kg plates and had a 15 kg bar ... ummm, that's 45 kg, Doofus!  No wonder it felt heavy!  No PB's on my squats today but 7 reps are a lot different to 3 and I was really happy that I did 4 sets at 47.5 kg.  My legs are already starting to feel it.

Last, but not least, was floor press which is like bench press except you lie on the floor.  I like this one as the plates give a bit of a buffer so if I fail I won't get crushed under the weight.  I knew that I wasn't going to get a PB on this one as it was 3 rounds of 9.  My PB for bench and floor press is 37.5 kg, today I did 32.5 kg which I was really happy with.

I was really happy with how I went today.  I'm often not sure if I get depth in my squats when I start lifting heavier so today I got a med ball out to give me a depth finder and was pleased that I was hitting it.  Overall, it was a good strength day.
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