Thursday, August 15, 2013

Should Exercise Be Fun?

I recently read this article by Mish Getting fit brings many benefits, but having fun isn't one of them.

I have always been in the camp of finding something that you love and you will keep doing it.  There are plenty of ways to get fit, slogging it out on an elliptical isn't your only option.

I can kind of understand what Mish is saying in this piece and maybe it is the way it is written.  She has always been the "tough love trainer" on The Biggest Loser and that comes across like that in this article but if I were a non-exerciser this article wouldn't get me off the couch.  I don't like getting told to suck it up.

If someone said to me the only way to get fit is to run 10km a day I would give up. I dislike running distance and as a result I don't put in the effort when I'm doing it. I shuffle along watching the clock. For me, it's torture. If I'm doing something I love I can set and achieve goals. I push myself out of my comfort zone because I want to be better.

I think no matter what you do with regard to exercise there is a certain amount of suck.  I know my girls have come home from dancing saying that their teacher had worked them so hard they thought they were going to throw up.  Their jazz dances are like that, if you finish your dance with energy to spare you aren't working hard enough.  I know I used to nearly die when I played touch footy.  I was still having fun though even if it did hurt.

I can't wait for Crossfit everyday.  There are WODs where I go in feeling nauseous (I'm talking about you, Fran!) because I know the amount of pain I'm going to be in but there are also the workouts that I get so excited about especially if they have movements that I enjoy.  Those workouts are fun and I'm still working bloody hard ... they just suck less.  As you know, I've burst into tears partway through a workout but there have been WODs where I have been smiling the whole way through because I'm loving what I'm doing.

And then there is my daily dog walk.  It may not do much for my fitness but it is like meditation to me.  I love being outside and planning my day.

For me, it's okay to have fun.

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