Monday, August 12, 2013

Saturday Fun

The girls still come along with me for our Saturday WOD.  I don't think that I'm getting the best workout because they slow me down a little but that's okay because I really love training with my 2 favourite people.  Saturdays workout was a triplet of power cleans, wall balls over the pull up bar instead of against the wall and lateral burpees.  I was so impressed that Moo decided to try the 10 kg bar for her cleans although she needs to work on her deadlift form (she must get sick of me in her ear all the time) and she also wanted to use the 4 kg med ball but after a couple of failed attempts I talked her into going down in weight.  She wants to lift heavy (and I think she will be strong once she gets her form right) but I keep explaining to her that by going lighter she can work on technique and also get more reps out.  I love the fact that she wants to push herself ... but I want her to get through the workout. I know that I have to get talked down occasionally and have been grateful for it as I could waste a lot of time just trying to get the reps out which defeats the purpose of a metcon workout - we want that heart pumping.

Miss T, on the other hand, will tend to go fairly light when she could lift a bit heavier ... her excuse is that she has muppet arms.  However, she smashes the bodyweight stuff and has a lovely squat.  I think her dancing is coming in handy with her flexibility and turnout.  I do think that what she loves most about Crossfit is the fact that she gets to wear rainbow socks and she has just gotten some nice rainbow shoes to complete the ensemble.

I'm so proud of how they are attacking the workout and smiled to myself when we got to the last minute of Saturday's AMRAP and Moo just started smashing out as many burpees as she could in those final seconds.  She is normally so blase about it all ... it's nice to see she has a little bit of mongrel in her (in a good way, of course!)

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