Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Go Team

Today was a partner workout but as we had an odd number of people today I was put into a team of 3.  I know I have said this numerous amounts of times but I love partner or team WODs, I guess it's comforting that someone else is in just as much pain as you are.

We had a great trio and we communicated and worked in well together.  A couple of exercises called for us to be in unison, for example, goblet squats and kettlebell swings.  It would have been easy for 3 people to get out of synch with each other but we quickly worked out that if 1 person called out when we should hit bottom depth and full extension while another counted our timing would be perfect.

I was happy that I jumped the 12" box today and am gaining confidence every time I jump.  I"m only resting my hand on a pole now and a couple of times I wasn't even touching.  I think when I have my practice time on Friday arv I might attempt the 16" box doing the same thing, holding onto a post to give me confidence, and then when I get into a WOD the 12" will be a breeze.

The thing that I struggled with today was my grip strength.  While a partner was working, the others had to hold 2 kettlebells (ours was 12 kg today) and we finished with a farmer's carry.  My hands didn't like this at all.  My partners had to do the brunt of the work in the farmer's carry and I finished feeling a little guilty and cranky at myself.

It was a great workout though and these are the types of WODs that make me love CrossFit.  I most probably would have worked harder if I were in a team of 2 but our team of 3 worked so well together and I still got a great workout.  Yep, another great day at the box :-D

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