Thursday, September 05, 2013


Don't tell anyone but I weighed in this morning.  I have been intrigued to see how my weight has been going as I haven't been 'dieting' for quite awhile now.  My weight has crept up to 54.8 kg which is almost 2.5 kg more than what I weighed after the 12wbt.

I remember the last time I was around 55 kg which was after one of my comps and I struggled with my fitness.  I remember how hard body weight exercises felt and I could barely run without almost keeling over.  I am much fitter now and I know my 55 kg has more muscle than previously.

The other thing I noticed on the weekend was that my friends were complaining how they were cold and I was walking around in jeans and a singlet.  I'm usually a bit of a frog and have been known to wear a jacket when I go out in summer but I seem to be running a little bit warmer than normal.  I was wondering if my metabolism has increased and I'm therefore generating a bit more heat than I used to.

There are times when I think I would like to see what my body composition is just to see how much muscle, if any, I've gained but then I think, meh, why bother.
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