Friday, September 06, 2013

Sometimes It's Okay To Cry

Missy T has had to make a tough decision.  We learnt yesterday that her school camp will be held the same time as her tap and jazz exams so she has to choose between them and she has decided to do her dance exams because she doesn't want to be kept down a grade.  The unfortunate thing with living in regional areas is that examinors only come to town once so if you are unavailable too bad.

I picked her up from dancing and she was in tears.  She struggled with her dancing because her head wasn't in the right place and according to her didn't get a lot of sympathy from her teacher.  I understand where her teacher is coming from, she needs to come to terms with her decision and move forward but I also feel that we, as humans, bottle up our emotions way too much.

When we got in the car, I told her that it was okay to cry and be angry.  She has every right to feel disappointed but to try and not let it consume her.  By the time she finished dinner she was back to her normal bubbly self.  I think it was way better to let her cry it out then to tell her to harden up and get over it.

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