Thursday, October 31, 2013


Due to Mal having to attend some training yesterday I had to start work early and pick the kids up from school and didn't get into the gym until the afternoon.  I quite like mixing up my times for training as I get to workout in different groups and partners but I also find that I tend to overthink my scaling when it comes to a big workout like 13.5.

I was the only person to scale my thrusters to 4 kg dumbbells and also the pull ups to ring rows.  All the other girls were using a 15 kg bar and a blue or green band.  I felt so lame with my choices but stuck to my guns as I really didn't want to do the 2 km row.  The funny thing is that a 2 km row isn't really that bad but the bruised ego from failing a workout hurts more.

I'm glad that I didn't succumb to the pressure of keeping up with the other girls because I smashed out the 3 rounds in the 4 minutes and kept on going.  There were only a couple of us who got through this part.  Yay!  No 2 km row!!

I continued on with the next 3 rounds and got through that with some time to spare as well.  I was finding it tough during the last reps of the 3rd round.  My hips were hurting and the ring rows were catching up with me and I finished the last row with a second to spare.  I yelled out "nooooo!" as I knew that I was in for another 4 minutes of torture.

I finished with a score of 11 rounds and 5 thrusters.  It's funny how even though I wanted to give up I pushed through to give me those 5 extra reps in the dying seconds.  Likewise, while my body didn't want to do that last 4 minutes I kept going because I couldn't quit.

Of course, when I finished the WOD I started to wonder if I scaled too much as I was the only person in the box to have gotten that far into the workout but after talking to the coaches it reinforced that I did the right thing.  The workout was all about work capacity which is an area in which I need to improve, it was better that I did more reps than scaling to a heavier weight or harder pull up option and do less work.

I'm really proud of this workout.  I learnt my lesson from last time and adapted so I could get more out of it.  I left my ego at the door and realised from my previous effort that as much as I want to get off the bands and lift heavier that it is better to go lighter and by doing that I will get stronger and fitter.
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