Monday, November 04, 2013

Stepping Back To Move Forward

Today we worked on cleans again.  This movement has been a thorn in my side recently as I have hit a plateau with it and I believe it is more of a mental thing than physical.  I am failing at a certain weight and I know that I am getting the height in the lift, I just need to get under the weight.  It is frustrating me like nothing else.

I "spoke" (via FB) to a couple of friends who do Olympic weight lifting and they have suggested that I lift at 80 - 90% of my max.  This is how they train each time they lift ... they only test their 1RM once every 3 months which makes sense to me.  I think, for me, I need to focus on success rather than failures.

On the positive note, my failed attempt today was the best one yet ... I was so close I could taste it.  It was also pretty frustrated as I was there, I should have stuck the lift.  It's all good though, my lifting didn't feel too bad and I'm trying to get all those little movements right.

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