Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down

This is what we did today.

I had a plan which kind of went out the window as soon as I heard about the previous classes efforts and scaled down even more.  To be honest, I think it would be tough doing bodyweight.  RX'd was 40 kg for women, I chose to do 20 kg and even regretted that fairly early on into the WOD.  The whole workout kind of reminded me of a Body Pump session, but it was lots of fun (?) and nice to do something a little different.

There have been a couple of WODs recently that have wound my back up a little and while my legs felt okay today it was my back that was suffering.  I am letting my core go as I drop into the lower part of the squat (and perhaps drop a little too low as well) and this was evident particularly in the parts that I had to hold at the bottom of the squat.  The good part is that I'm aware of this and can focus on it.

The worst part of the whole workout was that we had to do a 400 m run straight after.  It felt like I was running through mud and was worsened by me deciding to wear my Oly shoes for the workout ... those things are near impossible to run in!

We had a little upper body workout as a finisher, 5 sets of 1 strict press, 3 push press and 5 push jerks.  I just ran out of energy through this part and was drinking my recovery drink to try and give me some oomph into my lifts.  I maxed out at 30 kg which wasn't counted to my score for the day as I had to drop the bar through my push jerks.

I hope we get to do it again sometime as I quite enjoyed it even though I'm absolutely shattered now.
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