Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Just What I Needed

This was today's WOD:

For Time:
Row 800m
Run 1 Mile
18 Wall Walks
Run 1 Mile
80 Double Unders
Turkish get Ups and band Pull apart’s with any remaining time.
To be honest this workout filled me with dread.  I would be one of the slowest rowers and runners at my box, my double unders still need a LOT of work and I still have issues with going upside down.  I have to admit I had a minor meltdown last night after looking at the scores online for the last few days training plus seeing this workout AND attempting some headstands.  I looked at my goals that I set a few months ago and realised that I haven't really achieved much since then and my immediate thought was ,"why should I bother!" (with a few expletives thrown in).  Yeah, I was having a sooky-la-la moment which wasn't helped by my hubby's tough love approach.  He doesn't tolerate my whingey "I suck at everything" moans ... and often calls me on it when I start but sometimes I just need a hug.
This morning I procrastinated while getting ready and nearly talked myself out of going.  All the things I have been reading regarding training recently were going around in my head.  Do I feel like this because I really need to rest or am I just cherry picking my workouts?  I dragged my arse to the gym.
I was in the second wave and tried to set a decent speed for the rower.  I have been working on my stroke rate but I think I'm getting worse.  As usual I was the last off the rower.  I did the usual shuffle for my run leg and was happy that I just kept 'running'.  I liked the wall walk part of it.  My scaling was floor walks as I can't get vertical into the handstand against the wall.  The second run was tougher but at the same time this was where my mind went into a 'happy place', I focused on the sun on my face and the lovely breeze.  The double unders were tough, I wasn't feeling well by this point and was really sucking in the air but I didn't scale these and for that I am proud.  I got a few good runs with these with the limiting factor being my pelvic floor muscles.  Again, I'm amazed at how you can talk yourself into things and I set myself the goal of the last 10 being unbroken which I achieved.  It's the little things like that that make me happy.
As I spent some time after I finished to cheer on the others I didn't have time to do the turkish get ups but did a few pull aparts to complete the workout for the day.
I think I needed this workout.  I have loved the strength stuff we have been doing recently but it has been getting me down a little.  It was nice to just do a cardio based workout where I could just chip away and get into a groove.
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