Saturday, October 19, 2013


Two days in a row my enthusiasm surpassed my abilities and as a result I am suffering from whole body DOMS.  Thursday we had a finisher of toes-to-bar and box jumps and I decided to push myself with the T2B scaling from knee to chest to knee to tricep.  By the time I finished the workout I was doing knee to somewhere in the air around the tricep region, it wasn't pretty!

Friday was Muscle Fran.  As we know Fran is a 21, 15, 9 rep range of thrusters and pull ups.  This Fran was 21 ,15,9 dumbbell thrusters and muscle ups.  As I don't have muscle ups I scaled to ring pull ups and ring dips and modified the numbers to 15, 9, 6.  Silly, Silly girl.  I should have done banded pull ups!  What on earth was I thinking?

Today was a team WOD doing a 30 min AMRAP of Helen (400 m run, 21 kettlebell swings and 12 pull ups).  Missy T joined me today (Moo has cricket on Saturday mornings now) and we did 7 rounds between us.  She did so well again and I'm impressed at how much her KB swings have improved and she stuck with the green band for her pull up option.
Even though I'm sore as hell I've enjoyed the last few days of training and I'm looking forward to having a rest day tomorrow :-)
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