Monday, October 21, 2013

Start of Another Week

I'm still a bit tender from Friday and Saturday's workouts so you can imagine that I was super-pleased to see a dumbbell thruster, pull up, running triplet.

The warm up was enough with running, bear crawls, broad jumps, walking lunges and stretching.  I was puffed before I even started.  I chose my scaling and upon thinking about it further I decided to go down slightly in weight for my thrusters but stuck to the orange band for my pull ups.

It was a tough workout but once I got into it I knew that I was going to get all 5 rounds done ... not fast but done.  The thrusters and pull ups weren't a drama (maybe I should have stuck with my original heavier weight for the thrusters) but the run leg got me.  I have decided that if I have running in a WOD I would rather it be the first exercise instead of the last.  I'm not sure why but there is something about finishing the last pullup and then realising there's still a run to go.

On Saturday I was determined to not let anyone pass me during the running section of the WOD and a couple of times I really picked up the pace on the way back into the box.  The sound of someone running behind me just spurred me on.  I didn't have that today and I tried to increase speed but it wasn't at the same intensity as Saturday.  I think I might be a little competitive :P

I felt really good in the pull ups today (even with DOMS) and there was a glimmer of hope that I might be off the bands sometime in the near future.  As I was looking around at the other girls doing their pull ups and they look so pretty doing their kip, it seems like this nice fluid motion.  Me, I think I look like a frog in a blender as I seem to really kick with my legs.  Nevermind, it gets the job done.

It is nice being back to my old, positive self.  I had a few moments when I doubted what I was doing and as I looked at my goals I set months ago I thought how I haven't achieved very much on the list.  I know that I will never set the world alight with my progress but regardless, I'm making progress; it's just baby steps

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