Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Wise Man

I have been venting to my hubby about my lack of progress.  I was saying to him that we had a chance to work on our weaknesses last week and because I have so many weaknesses I spent most of the time wandering around trying to figure out what I should work on first.  He looked at me and said that I need to pick one and not try and be good at everything at once.  He is a wise man.  The problem with Crossfit is that it is highly variable, I might work on a skill one week and then not do it again for weeks and then I have to learn it again.

Hubs is a sportsman.  He plays cricket, touch football and golf.  Like most people who play sport, he has training for cricket.  He goes down to the nets and will hit ball after ball, bowl for other people and do fielding drills.  He has gotten to be a competent cricket player by practise.  Likewise with the girls at dancing, they do barre work, floor work and amalgamations so when it comes time to learn a dance for concert or competition they have it down pat.

One of my problems is that I start to work on a skill, get frustrated and give up.  The other is that I don't ask for help.  I try to figure it out on my own which then leads to back to the first problem.  I was reading in The Box Magazine about handstanding walking.  Obviously, I'm waaaaay off handstanding walking but the first progression they suggested was the tripod headstand to gain confidence in being upside down.  I was trying and failing at these at home last night when Mal walked in.  As usual, I stopped what I was doing as I didn't want him to see me.  He eventually talked me into having a go and he pointed out that my hands were in the wrong position which is why I was struggling.  Once I put my hands in the correct spot I managed to balance on my head with my knees on my triceps but wasn't quite game enough to extend my legs.  Mal got me to repeat it a few times to ensure that I 'got it'.  Normally, once I have some success I finish up without cementing it in my brain.

I have to accept that I need help and someone like Mal can look at what I'm doing and come up with a correction.  I also need to realise that it will take me smaller baby steps than other people to get to where I want to go and if that means I can only work on one thing at a time then that's okay.  It's better that then trying to work on half a dozen things and not progressing at any of them.  I WILL get there, it may take me longer, but I will do it!
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