Monday, November 18, 2013


My Little Crossfit Kid
Today was a hero workout known as Nate.

AMRAP – 20min
2 Muscle-ups
4 Handstand Push-ups
8 Kettlebell swings, 32kg (24kg)
My scaling was:
2 ring pull ups and 2 ring dips
4 box pikes
12 kg kettlebell
My back felt a little tight today so I held back on the kettlebell but in hindsight I most probably could have done 16 kg.  I finished with a score of 12 rounds ... not too shabby.
I really enjoyed this WOD, it was in my wheelhouse with the scaling I chose.  We also got to play with our muscle up transitions which was loads of fun.  I would love to buy a set of rings for home so I could play some more.
We did some gymnastics on Thursday night and Beni assisted me with getting into a handstand.  It made me realise that I have a long way to go to build up my upper body strength and perhaps I can get Mal to help me at home as well as practicing pikes when I get the chance.  To be honest though, it was a big step for me to attempt the handstand in front of people and for that I am proud of myself.
I have been getting really down on myself lately and on the weekend I realised that, at times, it is exhausting for me to go to the box and train with other people.  I get really nervous when around others (even friends) and it fatigues me to be constantly outside my comfort zone.  Lately I have been wanting to retreat, I have been wanting to train on my own and start stressing myself out when I'm paired with someone who I feel is stronger than me.  I have been wondering if I should just train at home by myself again and then realise that CrossFit has been the best thing for me as I have found a community that is supportive and pushes me to be better.  It's good for me to be around others and to meet new people.  I enjoy training with my usual partners but I also don't mind getting paired with newbies as I like taking on that nurturing role and I don't have any issues with changing weights to accomodate them or lifting lighter weight if necessary.  The fact that I am attempting to do movements that I know I suck at in front of people and can have a laugh when I fail means that despite how I have been feeling I am getting mentally stronger by pushing myself to show up and not retreat into my cave.

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