Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I find the overhead squat really difficult.  It has a lot to do with lack of flexibility, particularly in my shoulders and back therefore it has been a slow, old process of learning this movement and as a result I only lift lighter weights.

My previous PB was a 20 kg lift for 1 rep back in July and I was determined to beat that.  I have found that for OHS I need a wider stance to ensure I get depth.  I started at 15 kg and built to 20 kg and it felt really good.  I put another 2.5 kg and immediately felt the difference.  I had a medicine ball behind me as a depth finder, I find it beneficial to have something to aim for to ensure I get the correct depth.  I was struggling to get depth at 22.5 kg but after a couple of sets I managed to get 3 good reps out.  I then decided to put the weight up again to 25 kg.  It was a bit of tough getting the depth again but I got my 3 reps out.  Not only did I beat my previous PB by 5 kg but I also did 2 more reps.  Gotta be happy with that :-)
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