Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Beep Test

Last July I did my first ever beep test and finished with a score of 6.5.  I was hoping never to have to do another one but I was filled with dread when I saw today's WOD and it had 'Unknown and Unknowable'.  All my fears were proven correct.

However, the first part of the WOD was:

7 rounds of:
1 push press (in a snatch hold behind the neck)
2 Overhead squats
3 snatch balances
As I said previously I find overhead squats and squat snatches quite difficult due to some mobility issues and with that in mind I used the junior bar (10 kg) and held that weight.  As first I was pretty uncoordinated but toward 4th or 5th round I started to find my groove with the movement.  It was good to spend the time on technique and as usual I got some good tips from the coaches.
And then came the beep test.  I was completely surprised when I got a score of 8.3 and, to be honest, it wasn't because I was puffed but because I'm a slow runner.  I'm pretty happy with that :-)
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