Monday, January 13, 2014

Fran Revisited

Today was Fran day.  This workout makes me sooooo nervous but as Coach Damo said to me just treat it like another WOD.  We had to warm up our thrusters with some heavy weights with the theory that it will make the chosen weight in the workout feel lighter and I find this does help.  I warmed up to 30 kg and dropped it to 22.5 kg.

Here is a wrap up of my Fran attempts:

Thruster Weight (kg)
Pull up Option
4:20 (reps 15, 12, 9)
Blue band
Green band
Orange band
Orange band

I'm stoked with how I have progressed over the last year and a bit.  I would dearly love to be off the bands at some point but at the same time I know I'm not ready, particularly in a workout like Fran that fries my forearms.

The weight was really tough and I had to break every 5 or so reps.  Not ideal but I would rather drop the bar than start to perform bad reps.  My wrists were hurting today and in hindsight I should have used my wrist straps.  The pull ups weren't too bad and often it was the grip that let me down rather than the rest of my body.  I felt most of my reps were more chest to bar or at least clearing the bar quite well which means that I'm getting stronger.

I'm thinking that I will eventually be able to do RXd if I continue to stick around the 8 minute mark and increase the weights or pull up option ... in a few years!  LOL!  Once I hit RXd I will work on improving my time.
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