Thursday, January 23, 2014


3 days, 3 benchmark workouts - I think our coach is trying to kill us this week!  Today was the hero WOD Michael which is:

3 rounds for time:
800 m run
50 sit ups
50 back extensions

My last effort for this one was 22:31, today was 24:37.  Yep, I'm disappointed and I came up with a multitude of reasons why my result was worse today.  I've had a big week of training and my body is tired was one but at the end of the day it is what it is.  The positives for me my attitude toward the workout.  Some of the girls in my class have a tendency to complain ... a LOT.  Today they didn't want to run, there was no way they would make 800 m etc.  It did my head in a little this morning but then I do have PMT.  I'm happy, though, that amongst that negativity I managed to maintain a positive outlook.  I had a bad case of butterfly butt caused by doing sit ups with the wrong shorts on yesterday (it has a zip on the back) but I taped and put my towel under my tailbone and did all those sit ups unbroken.  As I people passed me on the run, I cheered for them and smiled despite the fact that running after back extensions resulted in me running a bit 'special'.  Today may not have my best result as far as what was written on the whiteboard but I'm still happy with how I went.
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