Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Fun

CFG has decided to start a ladies only class on a Saturday morning at the time I normally train.  I was a little conflicted as it wasn't going to be the WOD that was posted on the website and more geared for beginners as an introduction to this type of training ... not that I'm superfit by any stretch of the imagination but I do like to work hard.  I also like training in mixed classes as blokes can be fun and very encouraging.  I decided to go as I thought it might be a better class for Missy T and also to support the coaches for trying a new class.  Not that I needed to as 55 women showed up ... our biggest class yet.

The WOD looked like this:

100 skips
20 front squats
30 jumping pullups
40 box jumps
50 burps
60 k2c
70 walking lunges
80 m wheelbarrow walk
90 sit ups
600 m farmers carry

We were split up into teams of 5 and Missy T and I were put with 3 other lovely ladies, 1 being a regular, 1 who had done crossfit once but fairly fit and a newbie.

The workout was a good, fun WOD that we could split up quite easily and we tried to keep it fairly even and if needed one person may have had to have done a little more.  I found it hard to skip and did my 20 skips as double unders as it gave me a chance to practice.  Who would have thought that I would prefer double unders to skipping?!

It was an awesome class and it was fantastic to see so many women willing to give something new a try.

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