Monday, January 20, 2014

Squat Day

I had the worst sleep last night and was going to give the gym a miss this morning but as we are going away on Friday and will be missing my Saturday workout I decided to go.  It was a squat day looking for our 3RM.  I decided early that I wouldn't be lifting heavy as I just wasn't feeling it and was okay with being partnered up with my normal partner as well as another lady with whom I have trained a few times but never a strength workout.  She was a little concerned as she doesn't lift as much as Jo or I but I don't have any dramas with taking weights off and putting them on according to what we are lifting.

Her previous squat PB was 20 kg.  We warmed up with 15 kg and then Jo and I stacked on the 5 kg weights which Jen did with ease.  We then put on the 10 kg bumpers and again Jen squatted this weight with no problems at all.  I kept on putting weight on until her final set where she did 47.5 kg beating her previous best by 27.5 kg.  It was priceless seeing her face each time she faced the bar and then squatted with perfect form.  I was so happy for her when she rang that PB bell.

I was happy with how I lifted today.  No PB but I reached 50 kg and I felt like I had a little more in the tank which amazed me considering how I felt leading into the session ... I think I was feeding off the energy from Jen.

Our finisher was

1000 m row/run then
2 rounds of:
15 KB swings
15 Back Squats (taken from the ground)

As we only have 4 rowers I decided to run.  My theory is that I'm not particularly good at running or rowing so either way I'm working on a weakness.  I then did box pikes, 12 kg kettlebell and 25 kg squats.  The workout took me 11:02 to complete with my run slowing me down.

Considering I didn't want to go at all this morning, I really enjoyed today's workout.  I find it funny how that happens sometimes.
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