Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Another Shocker

I'm not sure if it's because the Open is coming up but we have had a few tough WODs in a row.  The downside of our coaches going to competitions is that it gives them ideas for nasty WODs to inflict on us mere mortals.  This was a particularly horrible workout from the Sydney comp:

All Stars Again Faster Final
Event 3
Teams of 6
In Partners Rotate between each station.
You have 5min to perform required work or AMRAP.
*50 Plate Burpees
Over Head Hold – 60kg / 40kg
*750m Row or 175 KB SDHP 32kg / 24kg
Pull Up Hold with Chin above bar
*300 Double Unders
Rope support hold
It was awful.  I was partnered up with another young gymnast (poor kid!) and I feel as though I let her down a little as I couldn't get a decent run of double unders and I struggle with all the hold movements.  She was a lovely kid though and we gave it our best.
The rope support hold was really hard.  As we only have 1 rope we used a towel draped over the pull up bar.  It was so hard to get a decent grip ... particularly when you have child-sized hands.  My biceps have DOMS which meant that both the rope hold and pull up hold was tough and I found by making running movements with my feet helped me get my mind off the pain.
We had planned on only doing the bar for the overhead hold until some of the other teams put the weight up to 25 kg.  This was the point where I nearly cried as I was shaking and felt like I couldn't hold it anymore.  We tried to break it up as much as possible by doing 10 burpees each between the 2 of us but our shoulders didn't get any rest.
Anyway, I survived it.  It is interesting to see how we fare in a competition WOD and I always enjoy team workouts.  It was kind of fun ... in a horrible, painful way!
Oh, and I thought I would mention that I'm continuing to work on my headstands at home (I haven't done it in awhile) and am making a small amount of progress and am able to do a tripod balance.  Such small steps but progress nonetheless.  I also am doing 'bed' jumps and am getting more comfortable with jumping 20" but still need to transfer that to a wooden box at the gym.
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