Friday, February 14, 2014

Squat Clean PB!

Last night we worked on our squat clean and then did:

20 min.  Every minute on the minute.
Even minute:
2 deadlifts
1 squat clean
Odd minute:
1 squat clean
2 front squats

It was a bit of a cruisy workout and I think I could have gone a bit heavier than the 30 kg I chose to do.

I wasn't really feeling it last night which is typical for me on a Thursday and I was wanting to go through the motions and get the workout over and done with.  We started to warm up our squat clean to get to a heavy load.  As I have said before we usually do some strength work and go heavy so that in the main WOD the weight we choose feels really light.  My PB for the clean is 37.5 kg and I worked up to that.  The next thing I knew there was 40 kg on the bar.  I failed a few times at this weight.  I was getting the weight high enough but just not getting under it.  My partner, Tina, and Damon, one of the coaches, gave me a few tips as they could see I was overthinking it.

I decided to go back to 35 kg, lifted that and then went straight to 40 kg.  The plan for me is to not spend time in my set up as that was when the negativity would set in.  And then I just lifted it.  The funny thing is I don't use a lot of momentum to get the weight up there and just muscle it up (as I do with everything!).  I was shocked when I got it the front rack position.  I did it!!!

And then I tried 42.5 kg.  As with the 40 kg, I was getting the height in my lift but just couldn't flick my elbows to get under it.  I was so close!  I was still happy as I got to ring the PB bell.

Funny how you can have workouts where you go in feeling flat and not wanting to be there and then they become the best workouts.
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