Monday, February 10, 2014

I hurt!

I was thinking last week about how it has been awhile since we have done pullups and how I have missed them ... I should've know that it meant that we were going to get caned with them at some point.  Friday's WOD was written by a couple of a girls who were leaving:

For Time:
Teams of 2
Buy In: 435 Double unders
3 rounds
19 Box Jumps (each)
11 KB Swings 32kg/20kg (each)
20 Sit Ups (each)
600m Run (Together)
12 Pull Ups (each)
8 Hang Squat cleans 60kg/40kg (each)
1 Muscle Up (each)
*All reps must be completed by both partners but can be split up however you like to complete them. Only one person working at a time.
We had a 40 minute cut off for this one and missed it by 1 muscle up!  Not happy, Jan!  It was a really tough WOD and my partner and I scaled the double unders to 235, I did 16" box jumps (I hung onto the pole) and we flipped it for her to do the 20, 12 kg KB swings, orange band pull ups, 25 kg squat clean and 2 pull up/ring dips for the muscle up.  I didn't feel to great when I was finished and I must not have looked to flash as I got a couple of comments when I picked the girls up from dancing.
Here is Saturday's WOD:
Partner Wod
5 Rounds For Time
15 K2E
20 Push Ups
15 Thrusters 42.5kg / 30kg
20 Pull Ups
*one person works at one time,
each partner must complete all
rounds and reps.
I did this one with Missy T and it was another toughie.  It doesn't look like much on paper but because each partner had to all reps and rounds it was very long.  We had a 40 minute cut off again and we didn't come close to finishing it.  Missy T had a bit of a meltdown partway through and I did some of her reps so she could rest more.  I felt like we did okay as a lot of people had ripped hands at the end and ours fared quite well (thank God for my leather hand grips!)
An this is today's WOD:
For Time:
In Partners
(comp Squad ride solo)
50 Back Squats (62.5/42.5)
40 Pull Ups
30 Shoulder to Over-Head (62.5/42.5)
50 Front Squats (40kg/30kg
40 Pull Ups
30 Shoulder to Over-Head (40kg/30kg)
50 Overhead Squats (30kg/20kg)
40 Pull Ups
30 Shoulder to Over-Head
Another partner WOD!  I was partnered up with one of the youngsters at the gym.  She is an ex-gymnast and her kipping pull up is so effortless.  We killed this workout and got it completed in 16:11 which was well under the 25 min time cap.  I have done this WOD before solo and got cut off but at least doing it in pairs I could do harder scaling.  I was fairly happy with my overhead squats as while I had to break them into sets of 10 I felt I got quite good depth and managed to get through all my reps with decent form.  I was happy with this WOD as I went better than anticipated.  My lats and arms were quite sore from the previous workouts and I slept really badly last night but I still got it done and didn't break very often.

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