Friday, February 07, 2014

Nutritional Assessment

Last night I had an appointment with one of the coaches regarding a nutritional assessment.  I think I'm doing okay with regard to my diet but I also think that there is always something to learn particularly with regard to reaching my performance goals.

Zoe did the normal thing of taking measurements and skin folds.  Something that she has found interesting is how even everyone's measurements have been.  Normally people have different circumferences for legs and biceps but most of the people Zoe has measured at CFG have had identical measurements.  I wonder if that is a reflection of the type of training we do.

She asked me what I expected from my skin folds and I answered that I thought I would be in the low 20s and surprise, surprise it was 21%.  The thing I love about Crossfit and my coaches is that she was really happy with that number (as was I) and during the whole assessment she never once said that I should be at a lower number, it was more about increasing my muscle mass which is my goal.

We then discussed my diet and we went through my sample diet I had provided for her.  As expected she suggested I increase my protein (I have been eating more carbs lately) but overall she was pretty happy with it.  We talked about macros and she had some suggestions which wasn't that different to what I was doing in my bodybuilding days and what I'm doing now (I think we were doing macros before calculating macros was cool).

She is yet to send me her suggested meal plan and calorie requirements which should be interesting to see what she comes back with.  She is very much about reaching targets with whole food rather than supplements and she has already said that I will be closer to maintenance calories (taking my exercise into account).

Overall I was pleased with the assessment as a whole.  Zoe has views very similar to mine and I'm looking forward to making a few little tweaks to my diet and see if it helps improve my performance in the gym.
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